AE Pinnacle Diamond


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Input Power   Specifications
Line Voltage400 VAC ±10%; 3 φ, 4   wire, 50 to 60 Hz, no neutral
Line Current5 A per φ, nominal   line
Line   Regulation±1% for a 10% line   voltage change
or a ±2% frequency change
Overcurrent   Protection30 ADC bus fuse
Output   Specifications
Output Power8, 10, and 15 kW
Output   Voltage400 to 800 VDC   full-power output (500 to 1000 VDC
option also available)
Output   Ripple VoltageComponent of output   ripple voltage related to input line
frequency: ±5% RMS
Efficiency> 90% at full   power
Power Factor0.9 for loads >   2.4 kW
RepeatabilityFrom   run to run at a constant set point:
    0.1% from 15- to 100%-rated power
    0.2% at < 15%-rated power
Load   Regulation±1% for 4:1 load   change within V-I limits of tap range
Output Actual to
    Readback Accuracy
Serial interface ±1%

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