AE HFV8000



Size13.3   cm(H)x43.2cm(W)x51.4cm(D)
Weight35.87   kg(79Ib)
Connector/Cable Specifications
RF Output ConnectorType   SQS female(Tru-Connrctor #TRU-7776)
    or 7/16(on some options)
RF Output Cable(Recommended)RG-393   or equivalent
Generator User Connector15-pin,sub-miniature   D,shielded,female
Host Port Connector9-pin,sub-miniature,shielded,female
coolant Connectors3/8"   stainless female 
Input Power Specifications
Line Voltage178   to 229VAC(nominal 208 V,3φ) or   360 to 528VAC(nominal 400/480 V,3φ)
Line Frequency50/60   Hz
Configuration3φ with ground;no neutral connection   required
Line CurrentMaximum   current per φat 8000 W output   power
    208 V line:34.5A at 176 VAC,29.5A at 208 VAC
    400/480 V line:17.5A at 360 VAC,13 A at 480 VAC
RF Output Specifications
Output powerUp   to 5 kW or 8000 W,depending on product option
RegulationAcross   full frequency range into 50Ωload:
    Forward power regulation mode:
±3.0% of set point or ±24W(whichever is greater)
    Load power regulation mode:±4.0% of set point or ±32 W(whichever is   greater)
    Display accuracy is ±2% of set poit(regulated) or ±16 W(whichever is   greater)
Transient Regulation0.1% change for a 10% distribution   in the AC line voltage
Frequency1.765   to 2.165MHz.fixed or auto-selectable(via 9-pin host port)
Response Time≤100   msec rise at full scale set poit and fall time from RF-ON or RF-OFF
Load impedance50Ω,±2Ω center impedance
Ambient Operating Temperaturer+5   to 40℃(+41 to +104℉)
Relative Operatting Humidity15   to 85% humidity,non-condensing
Atmospheric Pressure86   to 106 kPa(860 to 1060 mbar)
Coolant Requirement
Water Coolant Specifications+15   to +30℃(+59 to 86℉)inlet temperature,11.4lpm(3 gpm)min,75 psi max inlet   pressure

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